Location de salle de séminaires à l'Hôtel de l'Europe, hotel à vals les bains en ardèche

Seminar/Meeting Room Rental

We provide a rental room to meet your needs for seminars, meetings, trainings, or workdays. This versatile space is ideal for businesses and associations seeking a functional and tailored environment for their professional activities.
It is equipped with the necessary facilities to assist you in conducting your professional activities efficiently.

We understand the importance of a comfortable and well-equipped environment for the success of your professional events.
By choosing our rental room, you can also benefit from additional services to facilitate the organization of your events.
We can offer coffee breaks with snacks, allowing you to focus on the content of your meetings.

Included amenities:
- Projector and screen
- Conference easel and markers
- One bottle of water per person (50cl)
- Office stationery
- WiFi internet

Optional services:
- Computer
- Scanner
- Printer

Our reception service is available to assist you in planning and organizing your event to ensure its success.
Contact us today to reserve our rental room and let us contribute to the success of your professional events.

Phone :  
Email : info@hoteldeleurope-vals.com